1000 Uses For Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Use #1, Healthy Fingernails

So, you bought a new bottle of KARMIRI Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle over your salad and to use for cooking, but did you know that this versatile product has several other uses? Starting today, I thought I would share on our blog the various interesting ways you can use our extra virgin olive oil other than for food in a bi-weekly post entitled “1000 Uses For Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

Use #1: Healthy Fingernails

Did you know that extra virgin olive oil can be used as a cuticle oil to help moisturize, repair and protect the cuticle against damage? Simply rub a few drops into the cuticle area and around the nail. Cuticles stay plump and moist, and nails respond with a natural shine. You can also just mix a little of the olive oil with water and soak your hands in it before a manicure.

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