1000 Uses For Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Use #6, Fix A Squeaky Door

As we all know a squeaky door in one’s home can be extremely annoying. Perhaps not as bad as nails on a chalkboard, but pretty close. While a petroleum-based lubricant like WD-40 is typically used to solve the issue, why not try a greener alternative and one most versatile of products in the pantry – olive oil!

Just a tiny bit of this liquid gold works wonders on squeaky hinges. It works by reducing the friction between the hinge joints. Use a rag or cotton swab to apply the olive oil to the top of a problematic hinge in your home. Let the drops of oil run down by moving the hinge back and forth. Wipe off any excess with a cloth. Just be sure that your surfaces are free of dust and grime before your start, so your oil won’t go rancid. This tip is also great for hinges on your oven door, toolbox, plastic coolers, crayfish traps, refrigerator doors, gallery latches or even your automobile.

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