1000 Uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Use #9, Shine Stainless Steel And Brass

You can use extra virgin olive oil to shine your stainless steel and brass pieces, and to protect them from streaks, corrosion and tarnish.

Make sure the stainless steel or brass piece that you’re polishing with olive oil is clean before you start. Using a soft cotton cloth, quickly wipe the piece down with a solution of warm water and mild dish detergent. Remove the soapy residue with clean water. After your piece has been washed and rinsed, you need to make sure that it’s completely dry. You can air dry or dry it by hand using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

Next, you want to pour the olive oil onto a clean cloth. You only need a drop or two of oil, especially if you’re polishing something small like pans, flatware or décor made of steel. For larger surfaces like sinks or kitchen appliances, you might want to use a bit more. Remove the cap from the bottle containing the olive oil and tightly place the cloth over it. Quickly flip the bottle over, allowing a little oil to soak in.

Coat the entire surface of your piece with the olive oil. Wipe it as lightly as possible from side to side until you see a light sheen across the entire surface. Remove any extra oil on the surface of your piece, as it could dull the metal rather than polish it. Using the clean side of your cloth, a separate clean cloth or clean paper towels, buff the surface using steady, firm pressure applied in small circular motions. Continue until all of the glossy oil is wiped away..




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