Sophia T. Papadeas, PhD
President / Founder

Sophia received her PhD in Neurobiology from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine
and has spent nearly a decade studying brain circuitry and, more recently,
the use of stem cells to treat ALS at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
In 2011, she and her husband relocated to Chapel Hill, NC where she decided
to change her career path and focus her efforts on continuing her family’s tradition
of high quality olive oil production. email Sophia


William Pan, DrPH MS MPH
Vice President / co-Founder

Bill is originally from Minnesota with parents of Chinese and Italian ancestry.
He is a biostatistician by training and works primarily in global health on issues
pertaining to environmental change and human health. He spends a lot of time
in the Amazon (mostly in Peru), but he actively works on the farm
when he has a chance.

email William

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