Extra Virgin Olive Oil More Effective than Ibuprofen in Treating Menstrual Pain

Hey ladies, here’s an interesting article for you: http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/olive-oil-health-news/extra-virgin-olive-oil-more-effective-than-ibuprofen-in-treating-menstrual-pain/51322. Extra virgin olive oil works like ibuprofen on menstrual cramps due to a chemical compound called oleocanthal. In fact, KARMIRI Extra Virgin Olive Oil is derived from early harvest Koroneiki olives, which contain one of the highest levels of oleocanthal when compared with other olive varieties worldwide. Apparently, just taking 25 ml of our extra virgin olive oil daily for two weeks before the menstrual cycle can significantly reduce pain. This is great news for women who suffer from such pain and are looking for a safe and natural alternative to ibuprofen.


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