How To Store Your High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now that you’ve purchased KARMIRI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, here are some tips on how to store it properly to retain its quality and get maximum shelf life:

1) Keep the oil away from heat, air and light.

These factors can negatively affect the properties of your olive oil by causing oxidation and making the oil turn rancid.

A good temperature to store your olive oil is a 57°F. Storing the oil at 70°F is also fine, but make sure to keep it in a dark cupboard away from the stove and other heat producing appliances.

2) Keep the oil in its original dark-tinted glass bottle, your own tinted or opaque glass bottle, or in a stainless steel container.

Dark glass will keep the light out, allowing the oil to last for a longer period of time.

Never store your olive oil in plastic. There are harmful chemicals in plastic, especially in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which can be absorbed by the oil and are bad for your health. For more information, visit this link:

Also, avoid storing your oil in containers made with reactive metals such as copper or iron, because of potential chemical reactions that can make the oil unsafe. Stainless steel is a nonreactive metal that can be safely used for olive oil storage.

3) Keep the oil in a container with a tight lid.

Bottles with cork stoppers are also fine as long as the stopper fits tightly to keep the air out. Avoid metal lids that can rust.

4) Do not store the oil in the refrigerator.

We do not recommended storing our high quality extra virgin olive oil in the refrigerator, as it can affect its taste.

It’s fine, however, to store lower quality olive oils in the refrigerator. The oil will become cloudy and eventually solidify or crystallize, but can be restored to its natural state when left at room temperature.


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