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KARMIRI is a single variety extra virgin olive oil produced from the legendary Koroneiki tree native to the southern Peleponnese region of Greece. These trees have survived since ancient times, producing some of the world’s best olive oil. In fact, some of the trees on our farm are hundreds of years old and are still productive today. While Koroneiki olives contain a high level of oil content (20-30%), they are very small and difficult to cultivate. The trees are never watered artificially, relying solely on rainfall for water to reduce acidity, and are pruned intensively once a year by meticulously trimming branches to keep them small. Because of this, the overall yield of oil per tree is much lower compared to other varietals, but its return is superior quality. The aroma, taste and rich nutrient composition of Koroneiki oil are exceptionally unique. Koroneiki olives produce a deep golden green colored oil, highly prized for its fruity aroma and pleasantly bitter taste. When swallowed, the oil produces a slight burning sensation on the tongue and throat, a pungency that is often described as a ‘peppery’ finish.

Our Olive Oil

KARMIRI extra virgin olive oil is harvested in late November, when the olives are still green and just about to ripen. The trees are first pruned of their large branches and then beaten by hand to release the olives onto nets placed on the ground. Once picked, the larger branches are tossed aside and workers skillfully pick out smaller clumps of leaves. The olives are then poured from their net into sacks and then sent directly to the mill for harvesting. At the mill, any remaining leaves or twigs are removed and the olives are rinsed in fresh, cold water. The olives must be pressed within 24 hours, or they will begin to ferment, drastically reducing the quality of the oil. KARMIRI olives are pressed within 8-12 hours using cold-press techniques, meaning that it is devoid of hot water, steam or any additional ingredients or contaminants that can alter the composition of the olive oil, compromising its flavor and nutritional benefits to the consumer. KARMIRI oil also boasts low free fatty acids (< 0.3) and a long shelf life due to high levels of the antioxidant polyphenol. In addition, the oil provides a healthy punch, containing a wide variety of valuable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties not found in other oils that can reduce risk factors of degenerative diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. At KARMIRI, we never blend our Koroneiki oil with other varieties, so you will truly experience its brilliant flavor, aroma and health benefits.

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