Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Likely Fake: Why You Should Choose KARMIRI

Nowadays, there are a multitude of inferior olive oils that attempt to pass themselves off as quality extra virgin when in fact they are refined and adulterated with other oils. This problem can not only be solved by stricter testing standards of imported olive oils, but also by educating the consumer on how to select a good extra virgin olive oil. Recently, I came across a two articles, found here: and here:, that discussĀ these issues as well as the attributes a consumer must look for when selecting a high quality olive oil.

According to these articles, there are a couple of factors to consider when purchasing an extra virgin olive oil. First, the olive oil must be dark green to yellow in color and have an expiration date on its packaging to ensure the freshness of the product. Second, it must be fragrant, with a scent that is green and grassy in nature,Ā and have a fruity flavor that is slightly bitter on your tongue and peppery in your throat. Finally, you must learn your source. Know your farmer and what region/country your olive oil is coming from.

At KARMIRI, we pride ourselves in providing our consumer with the best extra virgin olive oil possible. Our oil possesses all of the above attributes, including a dark green color and a fresh, fruity aroma and flavor. We are a small, family-owned farm that produces limited quantities of olive oil much better in quality than what you typically find in stores from large-scale farms and suppliers. Our size enables us to have complete control of our olive groves from harvest to press and to maintain traditional agricultural processes, i.e. handpicking our olives rather than using mechanical means, for a superior product. We pick our olives early during the harvesting season, when they are at their nutritional peak and are the most flavorful. We also rely solely on rainwater to water our fields, keeping the acidity or free fatty acid level in our olive oil at a minimum. This year, the acidity of our certified PDO and USDA Organic olive oils is < 0.3%, and the purity (or quality) – measured by UV spectrophotometric methods – is demonstrated by an extremely low Delta K of -0.003. These numbers by far exceed the national standards for extra virgin olive oil, which is 0.8% for acidity and Delta K of 0.01 for purity. Thus, if you are looking to purchase an exceptional, high quality olive oil with great flavor, color and freshness, then look no further than KARMIRI Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your table.

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