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KARMIRI is a high-quality, extra virgin olive oil with a lower acidity and a smooth, rich taste that’s perfect on any table or in any kitchen. Because KARMIRI is family-owned and operated, we are involved in every aspect of our oil production. With KARMIRI:

  • Our groves are organic and located in a fertile region known for the best olives
  • Harvesting begins early when olives are near ripe and at their nutritional peak
  • Olives are hand-picked and sent to the mill on the same day
  • The mill is cold-press only
  • Our oil is pure and unadulterated
  • Acidity remaining under 0.3% throughout the milling, storage and bottling process
  • Our oil is never blended with other varieties

The oil has been undergoing the the same process over generations in the same family, ensuring that it is 100% pure, organic and unadulterated.

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